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The Universal Faith: Fire Worship

Fire worship is the original worship given to humanity at the time of Creation but the performance of fire worship (Yajnya) is now extinct in most spiritual paths and faiths or it has acquired a distorted shape and interpretation.

The object of this Summer School Session Course: The Universal Faith – Fire Worship is to show how the fire worship has been prevalent from the beginning of this world as the basis of human culture and spiritual development and how it is also the foundation of all the existing or extinct spiritual traditions and faiths. This dynamic course will practically teach students how to do the fire worship and how each and everyone can perform the fire worship to experience first-hand the many blessings it bestows.

Fire worship changes a person’s life and circumstances for the better, and fire worship provides the solution for the most intricate environmental and pollution problems, from physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

The Universal Faith is bound to lead humanity to a world-wide spiritual awakening with peace and prosperity for all life on Earth.

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