“Let our benevolent sayings be told to all people.”

Anyone, anywhere,
With whatsoever background,
Coming from any region,
Speaking any language or
Having any language as mother tongue,
Having desire to travel on the Path of Light,
Can follow the path ordained by Vedas.
There is no precondition to do that.
The principles ordained by the Vedas
And the discipline recommended
Is the common meeting ground for all faiths
And people of the world.
Veda means knowledge pure.
There is no bar to adopt and to follow
The eternal path of light (Pure Knowledge).

It is Truth that every soul is seeking. The Vedas state “Ekam Sat” or “Truth is One”.

The Vedas were not written by any one person. Vedas are the divine revelations of the ancient Seers and the complete guidelines for humanity. The Vedas exist as the living manual and instruction guide for all humanity throughout the Earth.

The Vedas are the Ancient most treasure of knowledge, Vedas were given at the Time of Creation. Vedas are the Revelations of Divine Knowledge of the human race and the property of all humankind.

The Eternal Truth ordained by Vedas has been described as the Light of the world.

The word Veda, in the first place, means knowledge. It is derived from the Sanskrit root (vid) to know. Veda means revelation of knowledge. And, it is crystal clear, that this knowledge is for the good of each and every human being and life on Earth.

Vedas do frequently describe that one, who follows the principles ordained by the Vedas, is a traveler on the path to the Highest Truth, light and prosperity. Vedas are, in fact, treasures of knowledge, which not only lead to material prosperity but to spiritual realization too, so much so that, the person, who follows them ardently, will reach the ultimate objective, one will attain union with the Supreme.